Dual Air Fryer 4.5L + 4.5L Unclassified Sheffield

Dual Air Fryer 4.5L + 4.5L

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The Sheffield dual zone air fryer cooks food by rapidly circulating hot air creating a crispy outer layer and soft inner similar to deep frying, but using much less oil. The dual zones refer to the two separate 4.5L cooking baskets within the air fryer, allowing you to cook different foods simultaneously at different temperatures or cooking times. This feature can be convenient for preparing multiple dishes at once without flavour mixing.


Full LED display with Touch screen

Frying Pot capacity: 4.5L+ 4.5L

Variable temperature control 80-200?.

Two individual frying pot with visible windows

11 Pre-programmed cooking modes

Non-stick frying basket easy to clean

Technical Specification:

Brand: Sheffield

Model: PLA1403

Barcode: 9421026319449

Rated voltage: 220-240V~50-60Hz

Power consumption: 2200 Watts

Protection class: I

Weight: 6.45kg

Dimensions: 41W x 32H x 37D CM

24 Month Warranty

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24 Month Warranty